Our Services

Custom design and creation

We understand that jewellery is a form of self expression. Contact us to discuss having a custom design creation started today.

We consider all the important elements when designing a custom design piece of jewellery:

  • The taste of the wearer
  • The size of the finger the ring is to be worn on
  • Other jewellery that will also be worn with the custom design piece – how the pieces will work together both in appearance, and physically. Will other jewellery worn with this piece compliment it? Is the design of the new piece going to fit with the other pieces mechanically, with no rubbing or unwanted twisting?
  • How big are the stones and what sort of design will best compliment them?
  • What metals will best offset the stone colours. Bright yellow gold? White gold? Silver?

Free design service

Can’t find anything in store and have a jewellery design in mind?  Contact us to make an appointment with the team to sketch up what you have in mind. This is a free service with no obligation to engage.

Quality Repairs

We value our reputation and you can be rest assured that all jewellery repairs are made using quality materials. We specialise in:

  • re-sizing
  • chain repairs
  • jewellery restoration
  • clasp replacements
  • bail replacement
  • jewellery modifications


Is your wedding ring looking dated and the diamond not as secure as it should be or the style not just what you have always wanted? Do you have jewellery tucked away that is out of date, damaged, worn out or just plain ugly? Have you inherited a piece of jewellery and it doesn’t suit or fit you properly?

Remodelling is the answer……

You may be over the style, but the gemstones are still valuable and usable. Remodelling is a great way to make use of all the old jewellery you have lying around or inherited. Why not clear out your jewellery box and see what can be done. Contact us to renovate and transform those out of date designs into something more modern.

Professional cleaning and checking

We offer a cleaning and checking service for your all your jewellery. This is a complimentary service for jewellery purchased or made in-store. Many people still use toothpaste to clean their jewellery. This is one of the worst things you can use on your jewellery as this is very abrasive and will attract dirt and dust.

We recommend that you visit us for professional cleaning and checking at least once a year.

Fitted wedding rings

We specialise in custom made wedding rings to specifically fit for bride and groom. There are a range of male wedding band styles in a variety of precious metals that can be made to suit.

Fitted anniversary rings

We specialise in custom made fitted anniversary rings, referred to as eternity ring. The team will work with you to sketch your design to match your engagement and wedding bands.